Cham City EP

by The Snallygasters

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released December 4, 2012

Recorded at Nice Package Studios, Towson, MD, by Jason George.



all rights reserved


The Snallygasters Baltimore, Maryland

Named after the mythical monster of Maryland folklore, the Snallygasters began in late 2008 as a synthesis of such seemingly disparate influences as the Sex Pistols, Rainbow, the Cockney Rejects, Thin Lizzy, Slade, and the Clash. As such, the band plays music that is at once familiar but also hard to pigeonhole into any existing sub-genre of punk rock. ... more

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Track Name: A Dollar Short
Work hard; that’s what we do each day
And for what? 'Cause we got those bills to pay.
Grow up and take yourself a wife.
Look out; now you hate your fucking life!

All the things you think you own they wind up owning you
Work all day just to come up short what’s a working man to do

Here’s to the working man who’s up and out by five,
Doing what he needs to do for his family to survive.
Believing in a dream: everyone will have their day.
A day late and a dollar short that is the worker's way.

It’s here; the day has come to pass.
Every day that you kiss your bosses ass.
Now bow down and do what you are told,
Or else, you will be out in the cold.
Track Name: Charm City
Clinging to your last breath as you lay there waiting to die.
Think about the one’s you’ll leave and the tears falling from their eyes.

Karma comes and goes around and sometimes it is a bitch.

Clutching your chest,
Gasping for breath,
Impending death,
Time ticks on and you watch your life go by!

Struck down in the dirty streets Charm City offers up its best.
Violence will come looking for you, now, we lay your soul to rest.

Chaos goes on and it never seems to stop;
Charm City police precincts watch the bodies drop.
Nothing seems to slow it down not even for a day.
We need a rain to come and wash it all away!
Track Name: My America
How does it feel to walk down the street,
Not a penny to your name and nothing to eat?
You are a problem we don’t want to see
In the land of the brave and the home of the free.
Do you really think you’re better off this way?
Living in denial inside the USA

You don’t wanna look in my America.
Things ain’t always free in my America.
Be all you can be in my America.
It ain’t all that it seems in my America.

What is it like now to be alive
In a world where all of your hate can thrive?
How does it feel to hate your fellow man
Clinging to beliefs I don’t understand?
Call it coincidence or call it fate
Living next door to people we hate.
Color me grey, leave me the fuck alone;
There’s plenty of room in my home.

Which side of the fence d’ya go on
When you know both sides are fucking wrong,
In a world where you don’t belong?
Track Name: Ghost in the Machine
I’m down; I’m not out
But, I ain’t got nine lives to live.
My time drags on,
I’ll take whatever you can give!

Living on the streets,
I pray the Lord my soul to keep.
I’m here I’m there I’m everywhere
A ghost In the machine!

I’m here, unseen,
All the people just drive on by.
They got no cash to give
I’ll, "use it just to get high!"

Living on the streets
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
I’m here I’m there I’m everywhere
A ghost In the machine
Now, you see me; No! You won’t!
Close your eyes, your mind can’t cope:
The truth lies in these haunted city streets,
A ghost In the machine!

Don't you see what I'm saying?
Can't you see what I mean?
I'm not a monster;
I'm a human being.