Black Aggie EP

by The Snallygasters

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released February 11, 2011



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The Snallygasters Baltimore, Maryland

Named after the mythical monster of Maryland folklore, the Snallygasters began in late 2008 as a synthesis of such seemingly disparate influences as the Sex Pistols, Rainbow, the Cockney Rejects, Thin Lizzy, Slade, and the Clash. As such, the band plays music that is at once familiar but also hard to pigeonhole into any existing sub-genre of punk rock. ... more

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Track Name: Black Aggie
I saw you first on a cold dark night
Among the shadows of the pale moonlight
Dancing in the graveyard all alone
Reigning like a queen among those old headstones
As I looked into your eyes
I was in for quite a surprise

Black Aggie, no you'll never take me
Black Aggie, no you'll never take me
Black Aggie, no you'll never take me
Never gonna take me, take me alive

You said that you'd love me 'til the bitter end
There was no use in trying to pretend
We're bound by something deep down inside
Come here, you said with your arms open wide
As I sank into your cold embrace
An evil look came across your face

You'll never take me alive
You'll never take me alive
You'll never take me alive
No you'll never take me alive
I'm gonna break out, I'm gonna survive
Track Name: Bells of Hell
Bombed last night, bombed the night before
Gonna get bombed tonight some more
Huddled with the lads in this man made hell
Dream another dream when all was well
Warning us, they're warning us
One shell hole for the four of us
Thank your lucky stars there's no more of us
So one of us will fill it alone

Bells of hell go ting-a-ling
Ringing for you and me
The devil has a song he sings with glee
Oh Death, where is thy sting-a-ling
O Grave, thy victory
When the bells of hell are calling for you and me

Gassed last night, gassed the night before
Gonna get gassed tonight some more
Huddled with the lads still breathing air
Dreaming of a time when life was fair
Killing us, they're killing us
One respirator for the four of us
Thank your lucky stars we can all run fast
So none of us will take it alone

Shot last night, shot the night before
Gonna get shot tonight some more
Huddled with the lads who are still around
Thinking of the ones who got gunned down
Pushing us, they're pushing us
Over the top for the four of us
Thank your bloody stars we'll all die quick
So none of us will suffer alone
Track Name: Divided We Stand
Everybody hates someone,
That's what I'm told.
It's a line they gave me,
Or so the story goes.
You can't force me love
'Cause I just don't care.
Don't force me to hand out
'Cause I don't want to share.

United we fall, divided we stand.
Don't put your trust in the soul of a man.
It's all for none and none for all
Divided we stand, united we fall.

Forced into places
I don't want to be.
It's called earning a living;
No one works for free.
You can't get me to learn
Or be a part of your team.
I do what I want
If you know what I mean.

Smoke and mirrors,
That's all I see.
You want me to live a life
That just ain't me.
You can't get me to serve
Because I couldn't care less.
Don't ask me to fix your life
That's become such a mess.
Track Name: Ragnarocknrolla
So, my friends, gather 'round,
Harken to the heavy hitting monster sound
Of rock'n'roll, raw and pure;
The beat that brings you back for more.
Get off your seat!
Jump around!
Feel the music pulsate through the ground.
A muster call for all who hear
A back beat battlecry banishing fear

Feel the tension, the end is nigh!
Fire and brimstone fall from the sky!
The world grows cold as the sun's beams turn to black.
There's only one way,
You've got to lose control.
Get your body moving to save your soul.
Are you ready for a Ragnarocknrolla?

It's meet and right that we're all here,
Daring to defend what we hold dear.
The lines are drawn without regret
The World Tree groans, the battle's met!
Axe-time, sword-time, the shields are rent;
Wind-time, wolf-time, the world is spent!
Fear filled, drum drilled, we make a stand
The end of the world is now at hand!

So, my friends, gather once again.
A new beginning springs from an old end.
The steady sound of rock'n'roll
Will never die because it never grows old.
The mighty rise, reborn at last.
Back to the future, forward to the past.
Standing proud, standing tall,
Standing strong, we will never fall!
Track Name: Tonight
Guess what? Here I am
Sick of being quiet.
I don't like what is going on.
So that I think I'm gonna riot
And I want you all to come along!

No more nonsense, no more shit;
Tonight, tonight, so let's deal with it.

Tonight we break out all of the windows!
Tonight we knock down all of the doors!
Let's get our voices heard,
Because actions speak louder than words!

What's up? What are you gonna do?
I don't hear anything you say.
All I can say is, "Hey, fuck you!"
And I want you to just go away.

Hey, you! What stance are you gonna make?
Will you go with them or come with me?
I'm bent so far I'm gonna break;
I just wanna live life and be me!